Framed Fathers is a non-profit organization
Dedicated to aiding fathers who have fallen victim to unfair practices and false accusations within the legal system
We provide free services for fathers that are in need of immediate help and assistance due to false accusations. Our support and guidance help families get through this very surreal and stressful time. Challenges that follow these accusations can become increasingly overwhelming making it difficult for fathers to cope.

Fathers need to have a powerful voice and a more dynamic presence within the legal system. We are not only defending our innocence but also fighting to remain permanent and substantial figures in our children’s lives.

No one should ever have to undergo this traumatic experience without a supporting network that cares.

We work hard to reunite families and mend father/child bonds that become damaged due to the undermining of what it means to have parental rights as a father. Our organization is committed to raising awareness for fathers and the bona fide love that they have for their children. “It is time for fathers to be heard loud and clear.”
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